Social Security

You may be found eligible for benefits if Social Security determines that you are disabled. The definition of disability is not easily understood by most. To be found disabled, Social Security law says you are unable to engage in “substantial activity” due to a medically determinable condition for 12 consecutive months or longer.

In order to receive benefits, you must prove that you cannot work any job in the national economy, not just your past work roles.

Applicants quickly find that they are now dealing with a sluggish and frustrating federal government program and are overwhelmed by mountains of confusing paperwork that asks the same questions over and over. Despite what many people think it is very difficult to receive benefits, and most applicants are denied.

What you need is an experienced disability lawyer to explain the system, take over the paperwork, and guide you throughout the entire process.


Lummis & Barkley LLC handles most social security cases on a “no fee unless you win” contingency fee, with payments coming directly from the Social Security Administration rather than from your pockets.

Some attorneys are very concerned with their “cases won” percentage, so they will only sign on cases that have a high likelihood of success. This means that they decline to take 50/50 cases, and applicants struggle to find representation. At Lummis & Barkley LLC, we revel in turning “maybe” cases into success stories!


Nothing is more important than a lawyer/client relationship built on trust and respect.

When you set up an initial meeting with a disability attorney, your case is reviewed by an attorney to see if it has potential of being successful. The attorney then decides whether to agree to take the case or decline to take the case.

During this meeting, at the same time, you should be determining if you would like to work with this attorney. Your representative should be knowledgeable, answer your questions, and treat you with the respect and dignity you deserve.

We are confident that after you have met with one of our attorneys, you will choose out firm to help you with your social security case and get you the benefits you deserve.

It is important to begin an application filing shortly after you are unable to work full-time, so as to ensure you are still eligible under the Social Security Administration guidelines.


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