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Facing the criminal justice system can be an intimidating experience, and those accused often feel as if they’re considered guilty before they even get their day in court. At Lummis Law Office, LLC, we are passionate about protecting and asserting the constitutional rights of individuals throughout Central Wisconsin. Our goal is to bring clarity to the legal process, answering all of your questions and providing you with the very best advice possible in your situation. Our criminal defense attorneys have the experience to help you effectively address the legal challenges in front of you. You need and attorney with a broad range of experience, one who has worked with law enforcement as a prosecutor and understands the criminal process inside and out.

Helping you understand the criminal charges against you

When facing criminal charges, it’s critically important to work with a criminal defense lawyer who understands your concerns and situation—and who takes the time to listen to you. We assist our clients with the following:

  • Felonies: These tend to be the most serious types of crimes, including assault, battery, theft of high-value property, burglary and homicide. There are nine different classes of felonies in Wisconsin, and penalties range from life in prison to shorter prison terms and large fines.
  • Misdemeanors: These crimes are generally less serious in nature than felonies, although convictions may still come with penalties of up to nine months in jail, large fines, mandatory community service and probation. In Wisconsin, misdemeanors are categorized into Class A (the most serious), Class B and Class C.
  • Operating while intoxicated: If accused of operating while intoxicated (OWI) in Wisconsin, you could have your driver’s license suspended up to nine months and be required to pay up to $300 in fines. Second and subsequent offenses come with more stringent penalties, including jail time and large fines.
  • Traffic violations: Although traffic violations are generally considered minor infractions, they could add points to your license. If you’ve accumulated too many points within a certain period of time, you could temporarily lose your driving privileges.

No matter what, understand that you are always innocent until proven guilty. You have the right to consult an attorney who fights for your rights and best interests, while seeking to reduce or eliminate the charges against you.

Consult a respected Stevens Point criminal defense lawyer

If you’ve been accused of a criminal offense in central Wisconsin, speak with a dedicated criminal law attorney at Lummis Law Office, LLC. From our office in Stevens Point, we proudly serve individuals and families in Plover, Whiting, Amherst and the surrounding communities. Give us a call at 715-341-3170 or contact us online to get started.


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